One’s Interest to Achieve Something -Kumar Mayank

Interest in something or rather I would say is anything that does not come by itself, it comes by what an individual aspires for or by what means an individual wants to get into it.

Like if an individual is interested anything but being an automotive enthusiast I would prefer an example related to the same stuff, so let's take up an example if an individual is interested in cars so the first and foremost thing that comes to our mind is “If someone is interested in automobiles or something related, is it important for an individual to know how to drive or something?” I would say absolutely “NO”. Driving a car is a different thing, driving is also an art of interest, but a person who is interested in cars or automotive may or may not be interested in driving. Like you must have seen the stickers in many of the cars like “I Love Driving”, “I live to Drive” and etc, etc. So does this signify that he/she is interested in driving, Yahh one maybe, but ‘a driving enthusiast’ is a completely different thing. Now many would say, what’s the difference between a guy who is interested in driving and the guy who is a driving enthusiast, then I would gently reply “buddy, there is a hell lot of difference between a guy who is interested in driving and the guy who is an enthusiast”, now how are they different…  A guy who is just interested to drive would simply get the modifications done and drive the beast where ever he feels like, but on the other hand, if an individual is a driving enthusiast then the individual would customize the car as per the conditions. For eg. if a guy is interested in racings or something like that then the enthusiast would try to get the best kits installed, here best does not mean expensive, it means the best kit that would be compatible with the full set up, but on the other hand, if an individual is interested in something but does not know much about it, then I bet he/she would be getting the costliest kit installed to get the best. Have you ever wondered why people who were interested in real off-roading preferred ‘The Gypsy or The Thar’ over the other 4WD SUVs, these were those people who actually understood what real off-roading meant at that time (15-16 years before) some still prefer these types of machines to take on the adventurous ride, but now there are several SUVs as per your budget to take on off roads but some say that these are yet good machines but not like that of the two iconic models, because of the platform & simplicity in those iconic models that were built-in.



People generally say “there’s no such age to learn”, yeah its actually true, you must have heard or rather seen also an individual who is interested in something tries to know about the thing in details what he/she is interested in rather than the thing an individual is not that interested in. Though it's illegal yet a child who is interested in automotive and has a keen interest to drive learns the car at a very young age like in classes 5,6,7 or so. Now the funny part that comes here is, if an individual is not able to view even the bonnet of the car properly from the driver's seat, then how is he/she driving the car. The process is quite simple:

1. Take the driver’s seat to the front-most position,

2. Grab two sofa cushions from your home,

3. Place the cushions in the driver’s seat and there you are, you find your self tall enough to drive your car.

The thing as said, “where there’s a will, there’s a way” is very correct and appropriate to this view. Interest plays an important role in what the person is thinking to go for, what an individual is passionate about, and what is he/she capable of doing. Think of it, go for it and achieve it. Signing off, for now, stay tuned for wonderful blogs coming up.   

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