Help Us to Develop & Implement new Technology in EV & Self Driving Cars


As the saying goes..

"Drops of water make an ocean"

We believe that through Crowdfunding we can reach out to a larger audience. Being a completely student funded project, everything that we get will inch us closer towards manufacturing the first ever self-driving car in the state.

Target-- Rs. 5,00,000/-


How will the money be used?


  • Vehicle Traction System

  • Battery Pack

  • Lidar, Sensors and Processing Unit.

  • Autonomous Delivery Bot for COVID-19.

  • Remote Deployment of our products using Cloud Platforms.

Perks of S1

1. Thank you so much for your support. We'll give you a thank you shout out on our social media pages.

2. E-Certificate
3. Stay tuned with whatever we are up to.

Perks of S2

1. We'll send you a print ready e-poster of Team SwaG and vehicle with a personal Thank You note.
2. Be a proud automobile enthusiast. We'll send you an exclusive motorsport swagger sticker for your laptop.
3. All S1 rewards.

Perks of S3

1. We will send you an exclusive Team SwaG keychain and pen as a thank you gesture.
2. We will send you an exclusive Team SwaG wrist band
3. All S2 rewards.

Perks of S4

1. We’ll feature you on our website’s backers' wall for your generous contribution.
2. You'll get a Team SwaG personalized Diary!
3. Get a personalized badge as a token of thanks from us.
4. All S3 rewards.

Perks of S5

1. You'll also receive an exclusively designed calendar  for the year 2021.


2. You will receive a Team SwaG limited edition T-Shirt

3. All S4 rewards.

Perks of S6

1. Get a customized Laptop Skin

2.You will get a limited edition Hoodie from Team SwaG
3. You will get a unique opportunity to hang out with the team in the workshop.
4. All S5 rewards.

Perks of S7

1. You will be our Co-sponsor.
2. You'll also receive a special Team SwaG bag  and Wrist Watch with some surprise goodies.

3. You will receive a 3-D printed model of our car.
4. Logo on Project Banner.
5. Your name will be part of our team's legacy! We'll put your name on our workshop's Funders' wall, and you'll be remembered for your support by the future teams as well!
6. All S6 rewards.

Perks of S8

1. You will be our Lead Sponsor.
2. Without your support we would not be able to pull off such a difficult task! Your name will be printed on the car(Larger Size), as a proud supporter!
3. Logo on Project Banner(Larger Size as Title Sponsor)
4. We'll send you exclusive live updates about our team's performance from all the competitions we attend this season!
5. We’ll advertise Company/Brand Logo on Global Platform.
6. You are part of our family now! You'll get a chance to name our next car.
7. All S7 rewards + Wireless Headset.

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